What is the difference between certificate 3 and 4 in Aged care?

June 29, 2022    agedcarecoursesinperth
difference between certificate 3 and 4 in Aged care

If you have made up your mind about getting into the aged care industry, but don’t know the difference between certificate 3 and 4 in aged care, we can help you out!

The aged care industry is booming and is sure to have over 1,59,000 job openings in the next 5 years. The government of Australia claims that the need for aged care workers is now at an all-time high. This need is going to continue to rise in the future. So if you are thinking about entering this industry, you’re in luck!

Although you can get through without any certifications, being certified will surely get you better job opportunities. These certifications not only help you learn but also build your rapport as a care provider. As a result, you get hired faster and can make more money at your job. Because obviously, a trained aged care worker gets an edge over the ones who are not. People feel more comfortable trusting their well-being with those who are well-versed with caretaking.

This is why we suggest getting a certificate before entering this industry. Once you have decided on getting certified, the next issue is this—which certification is right for you? What is the difference between certificates 3 and 4?

We have clarified everything you need to know in this article. So continue reading to find out the difference between cert 3 and cert 4 in aged care.

What is aged care?

What is aged care


Aged care is simply caring for older people. It essentially caters to the needs of senior citizens. It includes nursing homes, assisted living, adult day care, hospice care, long-term care, and home care. Because of the different aged care needs and cultural preferences of the elderly, it includes a wide range of practices and institutions. For instance, some countries have government-run elderly care institutions, particularly in Asia.

Why study in Aged care?

Studying Aged Care will help train you in all the basic as well as advanced caregiving procedures. This offers you practical and theoretical knowledge on properly supporting and caring for people. Besides that, you learn the right ways to deal with many tricky situations.

Studying aged care enables you to work as:

  • Care assistant
  • Home care worker
  • Care service manager
  • Community care worker
  • Personal care support
  • Community support assistant
  • Personal caregiver
  • Disability care assistant

It’s a very fulfilling experience to make a positive difference in someone’s life, and there’s a lot that you can learn along the way.

If you want a satisfying career in the aged care industry in Australia, start with getting a certificate III in aged care or Certificate IV. Although the two appear similar, they are not. The syllabus differs to a large extent, and the jobs you can get post-completion are also different. There is a difference between cert 3 and cert 4, and you can decide which course to select after learning the differences. If you wish to help the elderly and build a career out of it, then aged care certification is the way to go. But first, you’ll need to learn the difference between cert iii and cert iv of aged care.

What will I learn in Aged care courses?

What will I learn in Aged care courses


A certification in Aged Care will cover ( not limited to) the following topics:

  • Working with people from different cultural diversities
  • Working in community and health services
  • Supporting well-being and self-reliance
  • Working ethically and legally
  • Following safe practices
  • Help empower older people
  • Assisting older patients with Dementia
  • Provide community support services

The topics above are just an overview of what you can expect to study in the age care course. There is a significant difference between cert 3 and cert 4 in aged care which we’ll discuss in this article.

How many courses are in Aged care education?

The most useful and commonly pursued courses in aged care are :

1. Certificate iii in aged care

2. Certificate iv in aged care

These courses are often confused with one another so it is vital to know the difference between both of them. Both certifications are equally valid and can benefit your career in many ways.

What is the difference between Certificate iii in individual support and Certificate IV in Aged care?

difference between Certificate iii in individual support and Certificate IV in Aged Care

Australia’s aging population is increasing at a fast pace. One out of every five Australians is above the age of 65 years as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This number will continue to rise even more over the next few decades. As a result, the demand for aged care workers in Australia has increased multifold. So, getting the right aged care qualification is essential. There are two types of Aged Care Courses that you can apply for:

  • Certificate III in aged care course and
  • Certificate IV in aged care course

Let’s clear out the difference between the two. This will help you select the course which is best for you based on your future goals.

The Different Between Units of The Two Courses

Here are the different units covered in Certificate III and IV in aged care courses:

Certificate iii in Aged Care Course

This course consists of the following units:

  • Provision of community service
  • Provision of home support service
  • Supporting the relations between families and carers
  • Enabling social inclusion and
  • Supporting community participation
  • Empowerment of disabled people
  •  Supporting person-centered behavior
  • Using a strength-focused approach to Contribute to the development of the ongoing skills
  • Supporting people with dementia
  • Meeting the personal needs of clients
  • Determining the empowerment of older people
  • Extending individual support
  • Working in health and community services and
  • Working ethically as well as legally

Certificate IV in Aged Care Course

This course comprises the following:

  • Delivering care services through a palliative approach
  • Managing ethical and legal compliance
  • Enabling relationships with families and caretakers
  • Complying with personal support needs
  • Offering individual delivery
  • Service planning
  • Extending support to clients suffering from dementia
  • Caring for people prone to different kinds of risks
  • Coordinating services for the elderly
  • Enabling the rights of the clients and
  • Helping the empowerment of older people

You can further customize these courses as per your educational requirements.

Different Job Roles Offered by Both The Courses

After successfully completing the courses you can work in the following job roles:

Job roles with certificate III in aged care course

  • Respite care worker
  • Personal caregiver
  • Food services worker
  • Disability services worker
  • Support worker (disability) and many more

Job roles with certificate IV in aged care course

  • Residential care worker
  • Aged care activity worker
  • Community program coordinator
  • Care supervisor (aged care)
  • Care service team leader

Key Difference Between certificate 3 and 4 In Aged Care:

Here’s the main difference between certificates 3 and 4:

  • Certificate III: Cert 3 is the minimum qualification you’ll need to enter Australia’s aged care sector. If you’re looking to work in an aged/community/home care facility can opt for this course.
  • Certificate IV: The Certificate IV in Aged Care primarily focuses on further skills and knowledge pertaining to aged care. If you want to become a Team Leader in aged care, then, this course is the way to go.


The difference between cert 3 and cert 4 in aged care, in terms of fees:

Here is the difference between cert iii and cert iv:

  • Certificate III in aged care: The fee for this course lies between $3000-$ 3,500.
  • Certificate IV in aged care: The course fees for cert 4 lie between $4,000-$5,000$.

So to capsulate, knowing the difference between certificate 3 and 4 in Aged care is a must to make the right step forward in your career.

If you are still undecided about which one is right for you or would like to get detailed info on each course, feel free to enquire about it from the student support team. We suggest choosing a course provider that makes use of quality aged care training modules. This has a massive impact on the level of knowledge and skills you gain by the end of your course.

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