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One of the best pathways to Australian permanent residency is through Aged Care courses. Due to the high demand for such professionals, opting to pursue these courses will enable one to reside and work in this industry for an extended period. Hence, look at this industry to know more about sponsorship visas for aged care workers in Australia.

Aged Care industry in Australia

Aged care and other professionals in this industry offer assistance to elderly people who can’t function or require help for everyday activities. Such help might be provided in medical institutes, aged care homes, or private residences according to one’s preference.
The demand for aged care services is expected to increase significantly shortly due to the aging population in Australia. Hence, these professionals are becoming an Australian workforce integral part and are an excellent PR pathway for international scholars.
Currently disabled and aged care workers form a total of 8.5% of the complete social assistance and healthcare industry. By 2023, it is projected that nearly 40% of workers will be working as disabled and aged care professionals.

Employment trends in the Aged Care industry

The need for several workers will vastly increase in the next 3-5 years. According to Australian government employment projections, by November 2026, this country’s aged care professionals will stand at 341,800 workers. In November 2021, the number stood at 266,900 when the projection was counted; hence, there will be a rise of 28% (around 74,900) in job availability in the coming years.
Full-time professionals on average have to work 43 hours every week. The median earning (full-time) per week of workers is $1,382. 3 out of 4 workers earn over $1,206 per week and 1 out of 4 earns over $1,744 every week. Hence, check out visa requirements for aged care courses to have a successful career and acquire PR eventually.

Lack of Aged care professionals in Australia

There is a severe shortage of certified aged care professionals in Australia. The demand for such workers is growing every day and thus, opting for aged care courses for a pathway to Australian PR is an ideal approach for international students.
The gap in the workforce in this industry has further increased after the Covid pandemic hit the world. The Minister of skills reports stated that by 2027-28, there would be a 100,000 shortage of care workers in the disability, mental, and aged care industry. Also, by 2050, this shortfall number will rise to 212,000 or more. Thus, such a lack in this industry means courses like aged care for permanent residents in Australia are an ideal pathway.

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Visa required to study Aged Care courses in Australia

People would require subclass 485 temporary graduate visas for such courses. The basic eligibility for acquiring this visa includes:

  • Aged should be under 50 years
  • Had a student Australia visa in the previous 6 months
  • Provide all required documents when applying
  • CRICOS-registered course’ recent qualification required
  • Nominate a single stream – changing visa streams is not applicable after applying

This visa is ideal for international scholars who graduated recently with qualifications and skills that are valuable and needed in the Australian workforce. For a temporary period, this visa will let an individual work, live, and study in this country. It costs AU$1,730 and usually offers 18 months to stay, work, or study in this nation legally.

Complete your course in Certificate III in Individual Support

The primary course to start a professional career in the aged care industry is Certificate III in Individual Support. It is the easiest of all the courses and is mandatory for people wanting to work in the aged care sector and acquire permanent residency in Australia.
Through this course, one will choose a specialization in areas like home and community, aging, and disability. Currently, it falls under free TAFE courses and certain individuals will be able to study such courses for free. Hence, consult with people to know more about Certificate III in Individual Support and start the journey of acquiring an Australian PR.

Gain visa 491

To get a subclass 491 visa, people need to be qualified and skilled worker who has no problem working and living in regional Australia. This visa will let an individual stay in this country for 5 years; also, it allows people to travel to and from this nation whenever a person wants when he/she holds a valid 491 visa.
Moreover, this visa will let an individual live, study, and work in a specified Australian regional area. In addition, after 3 years from when this 491 visa was granted, a person will be able to apply for permanent residency. Also, this visa costs AU$ 4,240.

Points required for applying for permanent residency in Australia

A candidate has to score 65 points or above when applying for permanent residency in Australia as it is what the Department of Home Affairs considers eligible. The scoring is divided into sections mentioned below:

  1. Age: People score based on their age. The scoring bracket is between 18-44 years; the maximum point one can score here is 30 if the age bracket is in-between 25-32.
  2. English proficiency score: The lowest score applicable for points is 7 band for IELTS or 65 for PTE Academics, which fetches 10 points. Scoring higher bands get an individual 20 points.
  3. Work experience: Work experience in Australia can fetch 5-20 points depending on how many years of work experience one has. However, work experience outside Australia will bring 5-15 points depending on the years worked.
  4. Educational qualifications: A doctoral qualification will fetch the highest score of 20, while other qualification degrees can fetch any from 5-15 points.
  5. Spouse qualification: An individual’s spouse who is a PR visa applicant, an applicant can acquire another 5-10 points depending on certain assessments of the spouse.
  6. Other qualifications: Other qualifications include state sponsorship, regional or relative sponsorship, special education qualification, etc. can add another 5-15 points.

A total of all these points for an individual should come over 65 for him/her to apply and acquire permanent residency in Australia.
Hence, all these show the road aged care pathway to permanent residency in this country. Thus, opt for such courses today.

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