What Are the Benefits of Studying Certificate III in Individual Support?

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Benefits of Studying Certificate III in Individual Support

Are you interested in community service or want to create a real-life impact in the lives of people? Let us now understand what is certificate iii in individual support. Aged care is a diverse and complex branch of health care that requires a candidate to obtain training and qualifications. Studying certificate III in individual support can be your desired career pathway in the aged care industry. While most jobs these days cannot create a rewarding experience for their employees, studying certificate III will help you become a part of the aged care service industry and enjoy a truly fulfilling career.


What Is a Certificate III in Individual Support?

The Certificate III in individual support is a course for anyone who wants to care for older people in Australia. Did you know that out of seven Australians, one of them is 65 years or older? This course opens your career pathway in the aged care industry by providing the procedural and technical knowledge necessary to support the elderly.

This course will help you understand the aged care industry and how it works. Through this, you will develop several skills that will help you provide personal care, support, and companionship to elderly and disabled people regardless of their environment. You will also gain the required knowledge and expertise that will allow you to take care of older people. One significant benefit of studying aged care courses is that they allow you to work with people from diverse backgrounds. The individuals who pursue this course are also given technical training and are well-informed about aged care procedures.

With increasingly elderly Australians availing of aged care services, there is a growing demand for aged care workers in Australia. This course develops multi skills among individuals, allowing them to perform various services to support older people in a community setting. The certificate III course covers various program highlights. Some of these are:

•CHCCCS015 provides individualized support

•CHCCCS023 supports independence and well being

•CHCCOM005 communicates and works in health/ community service


Course Admission Requirements

Let us now discuss the admission requirements and criteria for those who want to pursue the Certificate III course in individual support.

The prospective candidate must be of 18 years or older at the time of commencement of the course. All applicants must participate in the ACSF test, exit level 3. ACSF, the “Australian Core Skills Framework,” identifies the individual’s performance in learning, writing, reading, verbal communication, and numerology.

These are some of the main areas during the Certificate III course training. They are also required to participate in PTR (pre-training review) when enrolling for the course. Besides this, there are several other requirements that the candidates must adhere to successfully pursue the Certificate III course. Some of these requirements are:


1. The Domestic Australian students

Domestic students are required to complete a minimum of 11 years of schooling with passing marks in English And maths, respectively.

Mature-age students who are 22 years or older can be a part of the program without completing the minimum education requirements. In such cases, every case is individually reviewed to assess the student’s capability.

2. International Students

International students are required to have a high school completion (year 10,11,12) in their home country, which is equivalent to an Australian year 12 qualification. They must be 20 years or older. For entry into this course, their IELTS score should not be lower than 5.5 or equivalent.

Foreign candidates with a student visa can take assessment levels 1 and 2 of the LLN indicator test and do not necessarily need an IELTS score to pursue a Certificate III course.

The international students are also required to take an official English test to meet the proficiency requirements for pursuing certificate iii in individual support.

3. Additional Requirements

One would also news a National Police Clearance or an Australian Federal Police clearance. This is compulsory for all students who want further training in this course.


Job outcomes in cert 3 in individual support

One of the most prominent benefits of certificate iii aged care is its career opportunities for the youth. Let us now tell you about some of the job opportunities available for individuals who pursue certificate iii in individual support:

  1. Aged care worker– You can work in old care homes, and it will be easy to get a job as there are many job opportunities for aged care workers.
  1. Respite worker– The government of Australia provides subsidized respite care to older people. Respite care generally lasts for 63 days in a year. However, some people are also eligible for a more extended stay and may receive an additional 21 days of subsidized care. Respite care aims to give their families a temporary break from their responsibilities and daily chores. The family of the elderly need not worry about the elderly member as they are completely safe and get proper attention during the respite period.
  1. Personal care worker– A personal care worker provides personal care to elderly and disabled individuals. They perform duties like housekeeping, cooking, and regulating medications. They also provide the necessary training to the patients and their family members, enabling them to take care of the elderly or the disabled member in their families.
  1. Disability service worker– Disability service workers, provide help and care to disabled older people and design tasks for them. Their services include providing mobility support, personal hygiene, food preparation, and helping them in social events. A disability service worker also helps provide emotional support to disabled people; they also have a choice to visit their clients regularly or live with them.
  1. Direct Care worker– Direct care workers provide home care services for older people. They act as caregivers, companions, nursing assistants, and personal care providers. These workers help their elderly clients perform everyday activities by providing them with the necessary assistance/help; they also accompany their clients on trips, including their medical appointments.
  1. Support worker– Support workers provide support with household tasks and personal care of older people. They also provide emotional support to them and their families. They also help them with their paperwork and documentation if they cannot do it alone.


Aged care is a booming industry, given the elderly population in Australia. The certificate 3 courses will help you jumpstart your career and become a part of this booming industry. These jobs provide you with an opportunity to associate with a good cause and are also well paying and in high demand amongst the youth. For people who want to apply, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria for these jobs as stated above. These jobs will help you create a positive impact in the lives of older people and will make you happy.

When you’re helping others, you get a sense of self-satisfaction and make the lives of others better. These jobs also teach values and create a strong foundation of Multi-skills that will help you evolve and grow in your career. These jobs are also transferable and allow you to create a social circle for yourself. There is a range of jobs for all ages and schedules. Aged care offers you part-time as well as full-time employment. You will also be eligible for government-subsidized courses, which you can avail yourself of in several states across Australia.


Benefits of Certificate III in Individual Support

Now that we have discussed the job opportunities, it is also essential to understand the benefits of certificate iii in individual support. Let us now talk about these benefits. Growth in today’s industry is very important. Learning these skills and acquiring this training in certificate iii improves one’s ability as a health care worker. Also, this course helps you to grow and attain health knowledge. By spending time with the elderly, you learn to value little things in life and appreciate their beauty.

These courses teach confidence and give you the power to grab good opportunities in aged care. These courses teach you the empathy and respect you must have for fellow human beings. This certificate iii course, taught in Australia, allows individuals to learn health care and care for the elderly, irrespective of where they live. This course also provides you with so many exceptional experiences besides offering you a solid career ahead.

The certificate iii courses will also create a valuable networking opportunity for you. At a young age, this course will teach you how you can work with different people of different diversities. This, in turn, will give you the necessary exposure.

The certificate iii courses teach you to adapt to different situations and work with diverse people. This course will improve your communication skills; good verbal skills are mandatory to pursue a certificate iii course. Completing certificate iii in individual support will provide you with many opportunities. You can also achieve certificate iv in ageing support which will help you attain more knowledge while working with older people.

The certificate iii courses allow you to work in different community settings, with numerous opportunities available. You can work in a senior-level position with aged people and even open your training centre and help individuals get their certificate iii in individual support.

Understanding the day-to-day activities is the core of aged care training. These courses allow you to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of the elderly. It will teach you about personal care and companionship. By pursuing these online courses, an individual can easily get a good career opportunity in this field and gain workplace experience.

The certificate iii courses will help you build better trust with the elderly when dealing with them. You will learn to handle aged people and build a mutual relationship based on trust. Building trust will enable you to have open conversations with them and support them mentally and emotionally. The second childhood of an individual is old age. The certificate iii course training will help you deal with them delightfully and humbly and provide them with much-needed care.

The certificate iii courses allow you to help older people with their special conditions, especially their physical disabilities. People often need care and support at this stage of their lives to inculcate in them a sense of belongingness. Providing older people with professional care makes them feel more socially active. It helps them curtail their feeling of depression and isolation. An aged care worker should help them feel important and energized.



Serving the elderly and making their last years happy and fulfilling is one of the best things one can do. The aged care courses allow you to start a fulfilling and promising career in the health care industry. If you empathize with the elderly and like being compassionate and helpful towards them, then the certificate 3 course can provide you with an ideal profession.

So, the next time an individual thinks of doing a certificate iii in an individual support course, they shall go forward. After all, every human has the right to live a good life till their last breath.

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