Practical Skills You Gain from Certificate 3 in Aged Care Course

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Practical Skills You Gain from Certificate 3 in Aged Care Course

Australia is a great place for people who are keen on developing a career in community service. This is because the economy has changed a lot in recent years. Industry’s attention shifted from an agricultural-focused economy to an economy where service-focused industries are given more significance.

Out of every kind of community care service, aged care is one of the fields where an individual can easily find a job after completing a Certificate 3 in aged care short course. In this blog, we will look at the practical skills you will learn from the courses. But before that, let us take a look at what it actually is.

What is the Care Certificate 3 Course?

The cert 3 aged care course is the pathway to fulfil a career in the ever-growing aged care sector. This comprehensive program is there to teach you the essential skills and knowledge that you will need to offer best-in-class care for elderly individuals.

With a curriculum encircling essential topics such as safety and health, dementia care, and better communication, you will prepare yourself to meet the distinct needs of the ageing population.

Building a strong foundation of transferable skills

This aged care course in Perth includes 12 different units with the practical and theoretical skills required to grant top-quality individual support in various community settings. These community settings can include the support of disability, aged care, home & community care, etc. The majority of the community organisations work in various vital care areas. Therefore, you can learn a wide range of transferable skills that can be implemented in different work settings.

From Aged Care Courses Perth WA, you can learn the following skills:

  • Skills needed to grant individual-focused behaviour support
  • Skills to work as a part of the group
  • Communication skills
  • Community participation skills
  • Skills of medication

Communication skills are vital for the aged people who become very lonely at this stage. Making them smile or giving them company for a little while can make them feel extremely happy. Medicines are also a vital need for aged people. However, when there are any health issues, they find it challenging to take medicines by themselves.

This is why the aged care aspirants get the training to monitor health-focused issues and arrange remedial actions.

Whether you are looking to work in an aged care facility or any sort of residential assistance, you need to possess these skills. When you enter the professional world, you will also meet various healthcare workers and government and private welfare agencies supporting individuals. In this manner, you will develop a strong professional network.

Career path of aged care courses in Perth

A great news for you is Certificate 3 in individual support Perth for aged care comes with abundant career opportunities. Since the ageing population is on the rise, there is an increasing demand for skilled individuals in the aged care industry. Following are some of the career paths that the graduates can consider:

  • Aged care worker

Work in residential aged care facilities, helping the residents with their emotional and physical needs.

  • Disability support worker

Extend your skills to assist people with disabilities, making sure of their inclusion and well-being.

  • Dementia care assistant

You can specialise in caring for elders with dementia, concentrating on their distinct challenges and needs.

  • Personal care assistant

Grants essential care and support to the elderly individuals with activities of everyday living.

  • Home care assistant

Provides in-home support, enabling seniors to maintain a quality of life and independence

  • Community support worker

Assists seniors in accessing community services and resources, enhancing social engagement.

  • Respite care worker

Offer short-term relief to the caregivers, enabling them to recharge while ensuring the care receiver’s safety and comfort.

Wrapping Up

Studying an aged care course is a great way to upskill yourself. The best thing about pursuing Certificate 3 in individual support is that you get a lot of chances to practise the skills you learn, both in and out of the classroom. These classroom environments often include demonstrations and equipment for you to learn vital skills.

The students who consider certificate 3 in aged care course will have the skills that will be beneficial to them across the sectors.

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