Government Funded Aged Care Courses Perth

Being professionally trained in aged care gives you advantage over others and also helps to cope with the rising standards of services in this field. Aged people in any given setting, whether at a residence or a nursing home needs trained professionals to take care of them. With the rising demand in aged care, more people are trying to forge a career in this field. There are also ample opportunities in this field and offers scopes for progress. There are two types of courses available in Perth. While Certificate III in aged care online courses offer the basic training in aged care, Certificate IV offers a more specialised training.

The aged care online courses allow students to enrol online and receive training and course materials over internet. The online training is ideal for working students or those juggling multiple responsibilities.

Certificate III in Aged Care Online Courses

The aged care programme makes you highly employable and increases your opportunity to apply for jobs at the top institutions. Certificate III in aged care online courses is specifically designed to impart an all- round training to the students to make them competent in the field.

Under the Certificate III course you will learn how to properly take care of the ageing individuals in need of day-to-day support. It trains the individuals to become skilled in tackling the different age related issues faced by the aged people. The course includes both theoretical and practical training and the students opting for online courses receive all the guidance over the internet.


The eligibility criteria for Certificate III aged care courses requires the applicant be of minimum 18 years of age and to have successfully passed standard 10 or equivalent. The applicant also needs to be adequately proficient in English. The aim of this course is to prepare the students for a full-fledged career in aged care. Students with Certificate III in aged care degree will be eligible to apply in a range of jobs in the health care industry. The course is also recognized all over the country.

There are a number of institutions offering the course in Perth, however, it is better to be selective about the choices you make. If you want an effective online training in aged care course contact Aged Care Courses Perth now.

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