Government Funded Aged Care Courses Online

More and more people are enrolling for government funded aged care courses online to forge a career the field of aged care. As families are becoming more dependent on professionals to take care of their aging loved ones, the demand for aged care workers started going up.

You will need a proper training from a reputed institution to be able to survive in this highly competitive field. There are a number of organizations offering aged care courses online in the country, however, it is important that you be selective about the institution you want to pursue the course from. The online courses allow you time for your other responsibilities as you can take the training from home.

There are mainly two categories of Government funded aged care courses and these are Certificate III and IV. These two types of courses have gained popularity in the recent years as they cover all the necessary training required to become an aged care professional.

All About Certificate III

The Certificate III in aged care is recognized all over the country and offers the basic training you require to work in this field. Through this course the students learn how to handle the day-to-day care of the aged, suffering from dementia and other age related issues. They become skilled in handling every type of situation individuals face as they grow old. The aged care course Perth aim at providing an all-round training to the students willing to join this noble profession.


The course requires the applicant to be of the minimum age of 18 years and have completed level 10 or equivalent having above average level proficiency in English.

All About Certificate IV

This course will prepare you to not only serve the aged people with complex needs but also lead a team consisting of other aged care professionals. This Certificate course is specifically designed for those who want to be a manager or leader of a team of aged care workers. Holding a Certificate IV will qualify you to apply for job positions like Hostel supervisor, assistant hostel supervisor, care team leader, care supervisor, accommodation support worker, day activity worker, residential care worker etc.


For Certificate IV course the students need to fulfill the criteria for Certificate III and in addition to that they will require achieving a certain level of expertise in some of the units of Certificate III.

Aged Care Courses Perth is a widely acclaimed organization specializing in Certificate III and Certificate IV courses in aged care. You can take the courses online as well. To know more in detail, contact us.

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