Certificate IV in Aged Care: Importance in Aged Care Sector

July 7, 2020    agedcarecoursesinperth

The Australian population is seeing the increase of senior people in their midst. According to the recent statistics available, the number of people over 65 years will increase to 5.7 billion, about 139% surge from the present. Therefore, jobs and work opening on the aged sector will be prevalent and the chances of getting work will be more for the individuals completing the aged care courses. The career in the aged care sector will be better by qualifying for the certificate IV courses.

Certificate IV: a course for the experienced

The holder of the certificate III can make themselves more educated and have the chance to better their career by completing the certificate IV in aged care Perth. It is an extension of the previous certification and the graduates can enjoy administrative jobs in a health-care situation along with the required aged care duties, which help in the running of the aged care institutions. The applicant will have theoretical and practical knowledge of the important and specialized tasks required to run a senior care institution. The subjects they have to study in greater depth can be listed as;

  • Providing first aid
  • Facilitating support for personal care needs in a group or individual scenario
  • Coordinating information systems
  • Contributing to WHS processes
  • Establishing links with other services
  • Implementing mediations with older people at risk of falls
  • Operating within a pertinent legal and ethical framework
  • Facilitate support reactive to the precise cases of dementia
  • Manage work
  • Take on executive work

Usually, full-time work for at least 120 hours in an aged-care institution enables the applicant to apply for this specialized course. Generally, if you are working in the aged-care sector or want to better your chances career-wise, then you can apply for and complete the cert 4 aged care courses.

The expected skills

The care of senior people is not only limited to providing timely medicines or physical massages or physiotherapy. The main enemy of the senior citizen is boredom and aloneness. Therefore, the graduates must have patience and genuine fellow-feeling for the senior people in the private or residential scenario. The main required skills can be listed as;

  • Proper communication: Talking with the clients is a normal duty from the caregivers, and this skill is also required to communicate with other aged-care workers and professionals of health-care. Therefore, reading, writing, and proper verbal communiqué are considered a benefit here.
  • Understanding and calm nature: Elder people become a little temperamental and may not always be ready to listen to you at one go. Therefore, compassion, tolerance, and open urge for the attention and providing assistance to the aging people shall be required from the applicants.
  • Physically fit: Often due to age and consequent weakness, the senior people have to be provided assistance for movement from one place to another. The bodily health of the caregiver becomes significant here as the patient may have to be shifted elsewhere and he or she cannot move by himself or herself.
  • Safety awareness: The caregivers must be alert and knowledgeable of the safety measures so that any mishap could be sidestepped not only for the senior people but also for corresponding employees and health care specialists.

Reasons for selection

The basic qualification in this sector is called a certification III for aged care. This is the fundamental course for beginners in this subject; people who have experience and wish to have an official certification can also apply. The next subsequent course is Certificate IV in aged care. As this course prepares the graduate to handle the specialized duties in an administrative scenario, completion of it can result in better career prospects for the applicant.

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