#The training team at Child care courses Perth is amazing. Every one of the trainers was entertaining and able to illustrate all points with examples from their own experience. #


#I congratulate you on the fabulous certificate iii-in individual support training that you have provided. I can now work in aged care with confidence knowing that I have learnt the right skills. #

Mary Anne

#Great course certificate iii-in individual support (aged care), really informative, Fantastic Trainers. #


#All the trainers and the admin staff at Child care courses Perth gave me a lot of encouragement and support. It was a great experience.#


#Very happy to be able to attend a very informative and cohesive practical aged care course. Instructors are great! Thank you.#


#I had a great experience through child care courses Perth, I would recommend them to everybody. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them, the best educators ever!#


#Thank you to all of the staff at CCC Perth for providing an exciting, friendly environment to learn in. Your trainers are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and encouraging every step of the way. #

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